Not everyone needs a retaining wall, but everyone needs paving.

Magnum Pavers provide a quick and easy solution to your paved surface needs. Rugged, Heavy Duty pavers are capable of supporting your heaviest traffic with ease.

Magnum Pavers are 6 inches thick, 6 square foot surface paver, and weigh 333 pounds each. Magnum Pavers are small and light enough to be handled by a skid-steer, yet are sturdy enough to handle the heavy equipment loads many users require.  No heavy crane or backhoe equipment is needed to move and place the Magnum Pavers.

Magnum Pavers can be a permanent paving solution for your needs with these added benefits :

  • Fast installation and deployment - no cure time required
  • Able to change configuration of paved surface at any time with no loss of investment in paving
  • Re-usable when pavement needs or locations change

Magnum Pavers are perfect for applications like:

  • Tank Farm Pads for the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Walk ways
  • Drive ways
  • Storage and work areas
  • Truck wash pads
  • Trailer storage
  • Parking areas
  • Drive thru areas
  • Aircraft tie downs
  • Patios
  • Culvert inlets/ outlets
  • Erosion Control

Should something happen to a paver, simply replace.  No cutting or patching needed.

Magnum Pavers are also available in a variety of textures and colors.

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Magnum Pavers™ of Star Pre-Cast Concrete